Our story

Cromsteel Italia S.r.l. was founded in 2010 near the city of Prato, a district with a strong tradition in the textile and mechanical industries, thanks to the hard work of a skilled team with a long prior experience in distributing, assembling and customizing industrial components.

In quite a short time span the owners and the staff together pushed the company forward with passion and drive. Cromsteel grew, evolved and in less than 10 years became a leading distributor in Italy for linear shafts and chrome bars.

Meanwhile Cromsteel decided to specialize in customizing and machining linear shafts first, and then also chromed bars and tubes. Now the company not only stocks and distributes bars and tubes in production lengths or cut to fixed lengths, but delivers to its customers machined parts ready for assembling in hydraulic cylinders or industrial machinery of any kind, thanks to its in-house CNC-equipped workshop.

Cromsteel has always been actively working with customers from all over the world. More than one third of our deliveries regularly reach our customers in dozens of countries in all continents, thanks to our product range and service.

In 2015 a second warehouse was acquired, thus allowing to enlarge our materials stock and also install new CNC machines for turning and drilling bars, shafts and tubes. An automatic storage facility for long products was also installed.

In 2021 we finished building a new facility where we could then consolidate all our CNC machines, creating a specialized unit for machining services. The main building has been reconfigured to better optimize other operations, like stock material handling, cutting and packaging.

Nowadays Cromsteel is planning further moves to become an even more structured business, and to widen the service and product range for its customers.